Mob Healthcare App Development-Effective Way to Engage Patients

Posted on 09 February 2019

The healthcare industry is truly dynamic in every sense. It is taking rapid strides ahead in terms of newer advancements in technology. It is important to note in this aspect that mobile healthcare app development industry is complementing the increasing demand of patients-provider engagement tools that enhance the efficiency in all accounts.


  • According to an mHealth survey, 33% of people own an iPhone.
  • 52% of smartphone users gather health-related information on their phones.
  • Healthcare professionals use mobile devices for mobile health (mHealth) services as well, which is predicted to be a $26 billion market globally by 2017
  • 72% of physicians access drug information from smartphones.
  • 63% of physicians access medical research from tablets.
  • 44% of physicians communicate with nurses and other staff from smartphones.

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Impact of Information Technology

  • The innovations in the world of IT and the digital landscape are augmenting fresh ideas that are making fast inroads to the conventional system in all accounts.
  • It is important for the thought leaders to keep changing the responsive nature of healthcare to a more positive frame that will help them address the patients and also integrate the process in a proper manner.

Influence of Enterprise Mobility

  • The advent of enterprise mobility is having a deep impact in the healthcare industry in all respects.
  • It is common knowledge to the hospitals, the general physicians as well as the practitioners that engagement of patients is the most crucial aspect of healthcare.

Social Accountability

The healthcare industry has a social perspective attached to it and as such, it is increasingly important for them to imbibe ideas that will help them facilitate fast interaction among the patients. It is indispensable in today’s social sphere to have a disciplined set of practice that will help the healthcare business to reap the dividends of technology.

  • The right adoption will lead to increased transparency and growth.
  • It is precisely for this reason we are witnessing colossal changes in the circuit of healthcare to inculcate newer set of ideas that will help them grow in all aspects.
  • Nearly all the countries of the world are thinking of adopting robust models that will help them reach out spontaneously to their patients.


It is important for them to have the proper platforms in place that will shape up the patient handling in a much more effective manner. It is important to note in this aspect that the need to prototype ideas quickly within business processes is the need of the hour. To accelerate better interaction and responsive communication, it is pivotal for the healthcare segment to utilize the best of applications in mobile that will help the patients avail the best of resources in every way.

  • The need to control the backed is becoming significantly important these days. The healthcare industry realizes the need of creating medical and health apps that will not burden the respective IT departments.
  • A mobile healthcare app development that streamlines the process and creates a back end system that can be integrated is one of the most important criteria today.
  • The patients are also provided with effective mobile apps for healthcare that give them comprehensive detailing about the directory of physicians in place as well as the wait time, billing as well as the insurance details.
  • The advancements of birth center information are also significantly coming up the ladder in all respects in healthcare apps.
  • Providing information of medical records as well as patient history at anywhere anytime is also one of the crucial developments happening in the mobile healthcare solutions.
  • The subscribers are able to access their medical history at any point of time during the visit to a doctor.
  • The main theme under the provision of application is the rich customer experience.

The mHealth app development is happening in a robust pace. According to the survey report of research2guidance the mHealth industry will reach out to nearly 500 million people by 2015 out of a total of 1.4 billion smart phone users in the world. This is an apt illustration of the impact of mobile applications in the healthcare industry and its deep influence in the patient interaction model.


  • Nearly two thirds of IT people in the healthcare industry believe that mobile applications will drastically change the course, the look, and the delivery of the healthcare industry in the coming years.
  • Use of mobile applications that provide patient information as well as unprotected health information is already widespread.
  • There is also increase in the percentage of clinicians using applications to engage in patient care directly.
  • There is an increasing trend in the use of monitoring data as well as collection of data through mobile devices today.
  • Visual representation of the data of the patient is on a high scale and nearly every organization is investing in developing application for patient or consumer use.
  • The supply of mobile devices to clinicians to support their everyday work is been done by the organizations on a regular basis.
  • Almost all the companies have a technology and a mobile plan of technology plan in place in the healthcare industry.
  • There is rapid advancements in the use of mobile technology in the healthcare industry for the simple reason of enhanced impact among the patients.


The rapid advances in the healthcare applications are improving the engagement of the patients with the doctors as well as the clinicians in all accounts. The industry is demystifying its goals in all accounts and is helping the development of applications that will help the future of humanity with real time benefits in all aspects.

It is important to note in this aspect that the business are also outsourcing their mobile applications to service providers who are also investing deep thoughts with their syndicated processes as to how they can evolve the best in class application in the healthcare industry.

  • There are significant inroads happening and some of the applications like the UCLA health app of Log Angeles or Mobile smith who are helping the healthcare industry with their disciplined ideas deserve applause.
  • It is almost certain that in the coming days with the rapid changes in the outlook as well as the perceptions of the healthcare industry as well as the patients and the end users, the future will be more dynamic then we can ever imagine and will be thrilling to witness.

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